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Monday, April 20, 2015

The Bubble

      Instead of jumping straight into the serious topics, I decided to take a day to talk about "the bubble." Now some of you might have this weird look on your face because you didn't sign up for my blog just to read about bubbles.  I have some good news for you guys.   We are not talking about the typical soap bubble, but the bubble we tend to surround ourselves with to keep us "safe."  I myself was exposed to the horrors and struggles of the world from early on, and that contributed to making me the person I am today.  Others are encased in the bubble from the day they are born, never allowed to pop it. Ever.  The bubble keeps us from reaching out, educating ourselves, and helping others.  It's what keeps some people who are comfortable with their lives denying that there is a whole world apart from where they live that might not be as well off as they are. Starving families, hate crimes, unequal access to education and clean water, etc. They're scared, and they have every right to be. It's like having a hospital grade bandaid suddenly ripped off of you only leaving a raw, exposed area of your skin.  But bandaids get old, they can't protect us forever.  Eventually we have to take it off and expose our skin to let it heal.  That's what will happen when you pop your bubble, accept my challenge and learn.  Accept the fact that the world is broken, and help fix it.  Take the challenge and pop your bubble.

         -Reach one teach one,  Jade

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