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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

My Open Letter to Donald Trump

An open letter to Donald Trump:

You say that Black youth have “no spirit.” When, may I ask, is the last time you sat down and chatted with a group of Black youths, or any youths of color? Not in advancement of your own agenda, but in advancement of the collective good.

Our spirit is strong, despite the many – including you – who choose to try and break it. Hear this from a 17-year old social activist who, along with many other spirit-filled Black youths, is sick and tired of you trying to break us:  We will not be broken.  

As swiftly and urgently and strongly as the Latino community came out to deflect your attacks, so shall Black youth and the countless others who laugh at your every word. We will not stand for your ignorance. You’ve, indeed, proven that ignorance knows no wealth bracket.

I must thank you, though, for being so overt in your racism and classism. We know where you stand. More importantly, we know where we stand. Our spirit will knock you off that self imposed pedestal. Our spirit will not allow you to disparage Black youth or any communities of color.

You see, Mr. Trump, we have spirit. You and others like you will feel the full force of that spirit. We have nothing to prove to you, but we owe it to ourselves – to our country – to not allow your voice to continue to ring with such hate and ignorance.

I vote in the next presidential election, as will many Black youths who have increasingly exercised their right to vote over the past decade. Let me say that again – Black youths are exercising their right to vote. Rest assured, our spirit will help ensure your presidential run doesn’t get past the “also ran” point.

Unconventionally Jade

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  1. Love It; Im certain Trump can feel the wrath If only we can stay feeling exactly like we should and never forget Wisdom equals Vision & Experience and clearly he lacks vision his wisdom to hold the office of President is LACKING!!